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Past Work

Cybersecurity annex

Hagerty Consulting developed a cybersecurity annex for a state-level emergency management department. This project involved the engagement of a broad group of stakeholders with a role in cybersecurity operations in the state, including stakeholders from state and local governments, regional fusion centers, and the private sector. Hagerty professionals collaborated with subject matter experts who provided in-depth knowledge on cybersecurity, state-level planning, national best practices in cyber response, and fusion center coordination. This planning project contributed to broader emergency preparedness in the state by providing an annex to the state emergency plan that addresses operations related to cyber incidents. This project also contributed to efforts to build capabilities for cyber response and coordination across the state.

Statewide cyber disruption plan

Hagerty Consulting supported a state’s IT department in the development and implementation of a statewide cyber disruption plan. This project involved the engagement of a targeted group of stakeholders with a role in cyber disruption response to inform the development of the plan. Hagerty also developed an implementation strategy to provide recommendations for the implementation, socialization, and maintenance of the cyber disruption plan. The project contributed to broader efforts to increase the state’s cyber response capabilities.

Cyber incident response exercise program

Hagerty Consulting facilitated a series of iterative exercises for a state IT department. Each exercise was designed to test the state's cybersecurity response capabilities and identify areas for improvement to inform the final phase of the project: updating and enhancing the state's cyber disruption plan. Concurrently, Hagerty engaged new stakeholder groups to support the state's long-term goal of socializing cyber incident response protocols with a larger audience. Hagerty updated the state's plan to reflect those findings and provided a separate, long-term improvement plan to ensure the future growth and development of the state's cybersecurity program.

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